Home Township Library Edmore, Michigan

New children's books

The bedtime book by S. Marendaz

The book tree by Paul Czajak

Cautious chameleon by Michael Buxton

Crazy for apples by C.L. Reid

Dump truck disco by Skye Silver

Little but fierce by Joan Emerson

Pony surprise by Meredith Rusu

Scaredy cat by Michael Buxton

Steady sloth by Michael Buxton


Does it float by Lisa Ann Marsoli

How do you hop so high by K. Emily Hutta

Is my shirt getting smaller by Jamie Simons

Sunny the bunny goes to camp by Jace Higgins

Warm hugs by Madeline Grey

What is that rumbly in my tummy by Sheryl Berk

where does the sun go at night by K. Emily Hutta

Why aren't you asleep by Jamie Simons

Why does it have to rain by Lisa Ann Marsoli

Why don't things fall up by Dawn Bentley