Home Township Library Edmore, Michigan

New Young Adult books

The bad guys by Kate Howard

The birthday cookbook by Mary Bleckwehl

Cat Kid comic club on purpose by Dav Pilkey

The coral kingdom by Linda Chapman

Cheyenne by Valerie Bodden

Comanche by Valerie Bodden

Don't go in the basement by Thomas Troupe

The elephant's girl by Celesta Rimington

The haunted handwriting by Michael Dahl

Hopi by Valerie Bodden

The ice giant by Linda Chapman

Inuit by Valerie Bodden

The last journey by Kiki Thorpe

Near-death experiences by Ken Karst

Seminole by Valerie Bodden

Shawnee by Valerie Bodden

12 impossible daredevil stunts by Samantha Bell

Unplugged by Gordon Korman

Donated books:

Only a monster by Vanessa Len

The wren hunt by Mary Watson