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AV Equipment Policy

AV Policy

The audiovisual service of the public library was established in recognition of the importance of non-print media as part of a total informational, recreational and educational service.  The library maintains some non-print collections:  DVD's & CD's.  In developing both present and future audiovisual collections, the library will attempt to reflect the diversity of the book collection to the degree possible with the audiovisual materials available.  In other words, the media product available should allow the collection to serve the educational, recreational and informational needs of our patrons.  The size of the individual collections may vary from core to diverse and multifaceted depending on cost, demand and product availability.  Periodically, audiovisual collections will be evaluated for maintenance, termination or increase.  As new media formats become available, each will be analyzed based on the criteria established in this policy.

The library has various pieces of specialized equipment which are used in-house to support programs or public services.  Non-transportable equipment belonging to the library includes a microfilm-microfiche reader.  Portable equipment belonging to the library which is not part of any loan collection, at the discretion of the librarian, provided that such loan does not impair in-house operations or involve an inordinate risk to non-profit organizations, limit 3 day loan: overhead projector, 16mm movie projector and movie screen.

Loaning of non-print materials, such as projectors and screens are limited to adults 18 or older.