Home Township Library Edmore, Michigan

Overdues/Damage of Materials Policy


Daily fine:  To encourage the prompt return of materials, the library charges a $.15 per day per item, overdue fine on books, magazines, audiobooks and informational videos.  Entertainment videos are charged $1.00 per day.  The daily fine is not meant to be a punitive measure, but a means to make library materials available to as many users as possible in a timely fashion.  It is the responsibility of the card holder to return all materials on time.  Patrons with fines cannot borrow items until the fine is paid in full.  If a patron has fines or overdue materials that total $40 or more they will be sent to Unique Management Collection Agency.

Maximum fine:  The maximum fine on any overdue material will not exceed $4.95 for books and audios and $10.00 for videos or DVD's.  If an item is lost/damaged and paid for by the patron, any fine that has accumulated on the item will be waived.

Bill for Replacement:  It is the responsibility of the patron to return materials in good condition.  If an item is lost, the patron must pay the replacement cost for the item.  The replacement cost will be the actual cost of the item as indicated on the library's computer data-base.  The library will also accept an exact duplicate of the item that has been billed for replacement in lieu of payment.  There will be no refund on lost books found after a patron has paid for that lost item.  The book can be donated to the library or the patron may keep it.

Damaged materials:  If an item is damaged to the extent that it can no longer circulate in the collection; the patron is responsible to pay the replacement cost for the item.

Claims returned:  When a patron claims an item has been returned, a search will be put on the item.  It is expected that the patron will continue to look for the item while the library searched for it.  Fines will continue to accrue.  If the item is not located within 30 days the patron may be responsible for the item.