Home Township Library Edmore, Michigan

Internet Policy

Internet Policy

The Home Township Library provides patron access to the Internet.  The Internet serves as an information resource that enables the library to provide materials beyond the confines of its information, and commentary from around the globe. The library is not responsible for the quality or accuracy of individual Internet resources.  It is the library’s intent to provide safe Internet access to all our patrons.  It is in this context that the following guidelines apply.

Library staff will assist users in identifying specific sites which are of interest to the patron. Patrons must be able to navigate the Internet unassisted.  Library staff cannot provide training on the Internet.


 Must have a library card issued from the Home Township Library or be a member of the Lakeland Library Cooperative and present the card to the staff before gaining access to the computers.  A computer form must be signed before gaining access to the computers.  If the patrons have overdue items they will not be allowed to use the computer until those items are return.  Home Township Library patrons will have priority over any other Lakeland Library Cooperative member.

 Electronic information resources are to be used for educational, informational, and recreational purposes.

 Damaging or altering software components of any network or database is not permitted and will result in computer privileges being revoked.

 Users are expected to make only authorized copies of copyrighted or licensed software or data.

 While patrons over the age of 17 are free to access whatever Internet sites they wish the library must also respect the rights of other patrons not be inadvertently exposed to obscene material and images they may find personally unsuitable or that can be viewed by minors.  All patrons must notify a staff person if they accidentally access a web site with obscene content.  Viewing of certain materials in the public library may be considered improper in time, place or manner.  The library reserves the right to end an Internet session at any time if it is creating a disturbance.

 Filtering software as mandated by the Federal Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) is on all public access computers with Internet access.

 Failure to use the Internet station in an appropriate and responsible manner, as presented above, will result in the loss of Home Township Library Internet privileges.  This decision may be appealed to the library board.  Illegal or unethical acts involving the Internet access station may also be subject to prosecution by local, state or federal authorities.


A computer form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian of children under 18 years of age before they will be allowed Internet access.

Children 9 years of age or younger MUST be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or approved adult care taker at all times while using the Internet.


Access is available, for a 1 hour block, on a first-come, first serve appointment basis through the use of sign-up sheets.  Patrons are encouraged to sign-up to schedule access time.  If you have already used a computer and want to use it again in the same day, you have to wait for one to become available.  No one will be kicked off for you.  If a computer does become available you can use it, but you will be the first asked to vacate the computer if another first time user comes in that day.

Additional access time will be determined by library staff on the basis of overall user demand, including the need for staff access for library support purposes.

The computers will be available for use all the hours the library is open.  They will however, be turned off 15 minutes before closing.

Internet work station use will be managed in a manner consistent with the library’s Rules of Conduct which are posted in the library.

Non-library software may not be used.  Please do not install your personal programs, or data on the hard drive.  These will be deleted periodically.  Our library programs are copyrighted.  Do not attempt to copy.

The computer in the conference room is considered the ‘genealogy’ computer and can only be used for this research, unless otherwise approved by the staff.

The library will charge $.15 per sheet of printer paper for any material printed from the computer and $.25 per sheet for color copies.